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From School Trip to IT Guru

One school trip and that was it!

 Following a trip with school to the Science Museum in London, the start of Mark’s future career was born. At the age of just 11 years old, Mark embarked on a school trip to London, prior to this he had always been interested in playing with Meccano and making Airfix models. They were seen very much as toys, something to keep him entertained and fill his spare time. He never really thought that they were real life vehicles; built with individual components to make them look the way they did.

When Mark’s eyes caught site of the Spitfires at the Science Museum, it became a turning point in his life. Seeing a plane close up, and in particular the Spitfires; made Mark realise he wanted his career to involve something to do with these beasts of the sky. These complex machines with real-life mechanical parts, panels and various fixtures were no longer just toys to him.

His first thought was to become a Spitfire Pilot but, when he reached the age of 17 years old, he realised this would not be possible due to his poor eyesight and more importantly, because they were no longer flying Spitfires!

Instead Mark took the route of studying engineering before starting his career at Hawker Siddeley, a British company who designed aeroplanes. He started in an engineering role before swiftly moving to the IT Department in 1975 as an aircraft designer. Here Mark became heavily involved in programming and computer aided design, prior to this his contact with computers had been minimal.

Since then, Mark has had a varied career centred around IT and often combined with travelling around the World. In 2008 he relocated to Brighton and discovered COGO Travel. Mark currently works as Head of IT, using his knowledge and experience to oversee everything IT.

Mark firmly believes the school trip was instrumental in his career choice, to quote “It triggered my interest in planes and made me realise that you could actually make life-size planes – they didn’t just come as one piece. Actually, they weren’t too dis-similar to my Airfix models, made of individual pieces all brought together to produce these magnificent flying machines. I’m so glad we went to the Science Museum, who knows where I would be today without that school trip.”

COGO Travel offer a range of STEM related school trips visiting some of the best educational facilities across Europe and the USA including Euro-Space-Center, the Deutsches Technikmuseum and Valencia---City-of-Science.

If you are interested in any of the tours – please contact our experts on 01273 020 520 or email: