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Lets all get outdoors and learn

Outdoor Classroom Day celebrates and inspires outdoor learning and play

The day involves thousands of schools around the world taking lessons outdoors and prioritising playtime. Last year over 2.3 million children worldwide took part, more than 580,000 of those were in the UK and Ireland.

This day recognises the benefits of outdoor learning including:

  • Improving children’s health
  • Engaging them with learning
  • Creating a greater connection with nature
  • Teaching critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity
  • Increasing the enjoyment of childhood

It was introduced due to changes in children’s pastime activities, the result is a reduction in the amount of time that children are spending outdoors. This changing behaviour is gradually starting to have a negative impact on not only a child’s physical, emotional development and wellbeing but also their learning capabilities. However, there are some teachers in the UK who are beginning to realise the value of learning outdoors and the benefits that this type of teaching can bring.

As a result, teachers are starting to incorporate outdoor learning as part of their school’s curriculum. Outdoor Classroom Day could be considered as one of the first steps in schools starting to acknowledge the link between learning and being outside.

Although having a day dedicated to learning outdoors helps, in a recent report, Sue Waite, Associate Professor in Outdoor Learning at Plymouth University told the BBC, "We need to be a little bit clearer about what forms of outdoor learning meet what purposes and aims (of curricula), so rather than just being outdoors magically making things happen, activities such as residential outdoor experiences would be particularly effective for developing social skills and leadership."

COGO Travel, realise the benefits of outdoor learning and how it can motivate students and provide more enjoyment and enthusiasm to learning. As a result COGO Travel offer an extensive range of educational tours, incorporating Primary School Residentials as well as UK and overseas trips for Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities, covering a range of subjects including: Business, History, Geography and more recently, Performing Arts.

Nicky Macfarlane, MD of COGO Travel commented, “All schools are under pressure to perform but incorporating educational trips as part of their learning; via the school curriculum can help to enrich students’ learning through increased motivation and enjoyment. The value of going on school trips should never be underestimated, it can have a massive positive impact on the student which can only be a good thing. Gradually schools are starting to realise this, and include such activities however, more still needs to be done to raise the awareness and many benefits of school trips both overseas and in the UK”.

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