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Benefits Of A Residential School trip

At COGO Travel we pride ourselves in providing brilliant residential educational breaks for our customers. 

Within each of our tailor-made trips we outline the potential learning outcomes, but strongly believe in both teachers and children having a key part to play in creating the right trip for their individual group with us, to ensure they maximise the value and take-homes from their residential. Wherever the destination or style of residential, we aim to benefit children with new experiences, shared memories and enhanced life skills, to equip them in their academic and home life.

For some children the enjoyment of the trips can come simply from having time to bond with classmates, whilst for others it’s improving physical activities or self-confidence.  Soft-skills are essential to aid children’s development through school, and recent surveys have shown how these skills are carried through to adulthood and have proven to help improve anxiety levels and mental health.

 In a recent article, the BBC investigated how scouts and guides groups have provided a ‘mental health boost for life’. As part of the National Child Development Study, 10,000 adults from across the UK took part in a lifelong study. Interestingly, approximately 25% of these participants took part in the scouts or guides when growing up.

Results showed that ex-members of the scouts and guide groups were 15% less likely than other adults to suffer anxiety or mood disorders later in life. According to the article researchers believed this improved well-being could be down to the lessons in resilience gained through organised group activities as part of outdoor learning. 

The researchers said their findings indicated that programmes that help children develop skills such as self-reliance and teamwork, and encourage being active outdoors, may have lifelong benefits.” BBC News, 10th November 2016.

It’s impressive to see these life skills are still in effect as adults hit their 50s. But what is it about organisations like the scouts or girl guides and learning outside the classroom that help improve these life skills?

According to Professor Richard Mitchell from the University of Glasgow, he believes it’s down to the new challenges children face and the skills they develop through these experiences.

"So, if you think about what happens at scouts and guides week in week out, you face new challenges. You learn to overcome those with the help of your friends, you acquire new skills. 

"You get used to overcoming unexpected situations and we think that's probably at the heart of the effect." Prof Richard Mitchell, of the Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Health at the University of Glasgow

Experiencing new challenges is something that children come across throughout their organised school residentials. Whether it’s learning a new skill, overcoming a fear or having to make new friends, new challenges and experiences are key to a successful school trip with positive learning outcomes.

 At COGO Travel, our tailor-made trips can be crafted to help improve particular soft-skills through a range of activities. For example if schools are looking to increase teamwork, social interaction and communication, we’ll suggest activities such as orienteering, den building and abseiling. All of these organised activities are encouraging children to face these new challenges and lean on their friends to help acquire new skillsets.

According to the BBC article, Tim Kidd, chief commissioner of the scouts in the UK believes the vital lessons are leadership and teamwork. “Whether it’s climbing a mountain, going on a camp or perhaps just playing some games, all of these things help young people learn the skill of resilience”.

 At COGO Travel we couldn’t agree more. Leadership and teamwork are core to our residentials and we believe these learning outcomes are the foundations to a successful school trip. To find out more on our range of our primary school residentials, head to the website for our school trips across the UK and Europe.

For access to the full BBC article ‘Scouts and guides provide ‘mental health boost for life’ click here.