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Butlin's Skegness: What are the educational benefits?

Our Butlin’s centre is based inside the Blue Flag beach resort of Skegness, and provides non-stop school trip fun.

Offering a full set of adventure activities in a modern and safe environment, the facilities and activities are exceptional, including Splash Waterworld, a traditional fairground, and an abundance of evening entertainment, such as Aladdin Rocks and disco nights. But what are the education benefits of heading to Butlin’s Skegness on your next school trip?

Butlin’s Benefits for pupils

Team work

"Loved every single minute of it.” At Skegness Butlins, children are exposed to exciting and challenging situations, such as building a medieval catapult from the equipment provided or toasting bread on a campfire to climbing the biggest rock on-site. Naturally, some children will want to stand out, which is why the qualified instructors gently guide them through the tasks, to establish the sense of a group.

It is delightful to see them build up a common understanding. The children naturally discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses and adapt their behaviour. No matter when the trip, the chances are you will see more positivity in class for the rest of the year.

Listen, understand, act

Emotions run high during school trips. Children will miss their parents, be excited by Splashworld at Skegness and be moody because a fellow pupil took their place in the queue. Their reaction to these emotions could be manifested in myriad ways – by buzzing with creativity or losing focus. This is why the children and instructors define a behaviour policy together and seek group agreement from the start. Once defined, the group understands what to do and what not to do. Most of the time, though, activities keep their minds occupied and they don’t think of anything but completing the tasks and achieving their goals.


New skills, enhanced knowledge

Beach sports, seaside entertainment, fencing and other activities help build the children’s enthusiasm for being active in the outdoor environment. The children improve their sporting skills and take that enjoyment back home. “Dad, let’s go out and build a treehouse,” Is the type of thing we want parent to hear after coming back from the centre.

Throughout the education process, opportunities for this kind of leisure time become more limited. With an educational break to Skegness Centre, you can be sure that these outdoor activities and their benefits will be anchored in children’s memories.

The list of educational benefits for children is much longer, but if we had to list them all, you would be reading forever. Instead, let’s look at the benefits for you, the teacher.

Butlin’s benefits for teachers

All year round, you have to take responsibility and be constantly alert. For some, it might be a delight to spend extra time with the children on a educational break and see them develop new skills. 

Keep calm and relax

At Butlins centre and our other centres, we take care of everything, so the only thing you have to do is sit back and observe how amazing your pupils are, get to know them better, and watch them thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Eat well, dream well

The Skegness centre is full of great things; the ice creams are delicious in the lovely Scoop shop and you will love the new retro-style, comfortable accommodation. As for the children, their dietary requirements are taken care of; just notify the staff and options will be arranged.


Stepping back in time

Last but not least, with the entertainment in the evenings, Butlins knows how to please.

This is a benefit for teachers as well, because the kids love it and it will take you back to your childhood. You’ll find that you’ll be the one humming the songs the next day. COGO’s mission is to offer safe and engaging residential trips that are affordable for families and hassle-free for primary school teachers.


If you would like more information on prices or the centre, visit the Butlins Skegness Centre page here.