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Primary School residential trip FAQ's

For Parents and Carers

What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation on our Residential trips varies from centre to centre. Accommodation standards are important to us and this plays a major role in our centre selection. All accommodation types are inspected to ensure that they are suitable and meet the needs of our group and school requirements. More information about accommodation at specific centre is available on the Centre pages of our website

Are your accommodation and activities inspected?

Yes, our educational breaks are subject to inspections to ensure that our operation, accommodation and activities meet HSE and National Governing Body requirements and legislation.

What do the children need to take on their school trip?

Your child will be taking part in outdoor, all weather activities, so we would recommend that old clothes are used for the trip. We will be providing the school Party Leader with a specific kit list, which will help you in packing and getting your child ready for their trip with us.

What valuables can children take with them?

Your child will be spending the vast majority of their time outside and taking part in activities. We do not advise that they bring any electronic games, mobile phones, computer tablets or items of high financial or sentimental value with them.

Does my child need to bring any pocket money?

Children are welcome to bring pocket money with them. Our centres provide gift shops that sell a varied range of goods from memorabilia, postcards and trinkets through to confectionary. They won’t need to buy any food or drink and so we usually suggest a maximum of £20 for 5 days.

What will my child learn on their educational break?

All of our educational breaks and activities are designed to include many learning opportunities, develop key skills and support personal development. Of course they are great fun too and the group don’t actually feel like they are learning at the time! We will be planning the specific learning and development requirements with the school Party Leader prior to the trip.

Can special diets be catered for?

Yes, if we know requirements well in advance of arrival at our centres we can provide for most special diets. We may occasionally ask parents to provide some items that are hard to get hold of or that are very specific to their individual need, but this is only in exceptional circumstances.

Can I contact my child whilst they are away?

In some cases it may be the first time that a child has stayed away from their home environment for more than a night. With this in mind we find it better for the children to be allowed to enjoy their experience without any outside contact as in our experience, receiving calls from home can initiate homesickness. In the event of an emergency or urgent contact being required we will arrange for this to take place.

Can my child still take part if they can’t swim?

The Party Leader will ask for the swimming ability of your child. It is not necessary for your child to be a confident swimmer to attend the trip but some activities do require water confidence. If necessary, we will make alternative arrangements so that your child does not miss out. Please do be honest with the school Party Leader about your child’s swimming ability, this information will be treated sensitively but it is important for us to know.

Can birthday/celebration cakes be organized for my child?

If we are made aware of a birthday, we shall endeavor to organise and provide a cake and make it a special day for the child concerned. Please ensure your school Party Leader is informed at least 28 days in advance of the school trip.

Do you provide insurance?

Yes, insurance is included in all of our trips. Our insurance details can be found here.

Who do I speak to if I have any queries?

The Party Leader will be your point of contact during the lead up to your child’s trip with us. Prior to the group’s departure, they will provide emergency contact details where you can reach your child through the group leader in the event of an emergency.

For Pupils

What are the Residential school trips like?

There is never a dull moment! Our school trips are full of fun and laughter, you’ll have loads to do from after breakfast until the time you go to bed. You will try new activities and amaze yourself how quickly you can learn new things but most important of all, you’ll be with all your friends around the clock, having the time of your lives!

Where will I be sleeping?

You will be sleeping in shared rooms with your friends (boys and girls separately) and each of you will have your own bed and space to store your clothes, so no need to leave everything in your bag. We provide bed linen so you don’t need to bring a sleeping bag.

Where are the toilets and showers?

Some rooms may have shower and toilets in them, if not don’t worry they are all located near to your room.

Where will I eat?

There are dining rooms and seating areas, you may even eat outside if it’s a nice day.

What will I be eating?

There’s plenty to eat, with a choice of filling and healthy meals for you to choose from including cooked breakfasts, cereals, toast, great lunches and filling dinners with yummy puddings. No one goes hungry!

What time do I go to bed?

After a busy day of activities and after the evening activity, you’ll head back to your room. Lights will go out as the sun sets to get you ready for the next full day of fun.

Can I take my phone or tablet with me?

There’ll be no time to use any of these gadgets so you won’t need them, and we’re sure you won’t even miss them! Much safer to keep these expensive items at home.

What clothes do I need to take?

You’ll be outdoors pretty much all of the time, so you’ll need good waterproof footwear and jackets. Don’t bring all of your best clothes as you won’t want to get them dirty or stained. Remember you’ll need some warmer clothes just in case. Your teacher will be handing out a list of what you need pack for your trip.

What activities are there in the daytime?

There’s so much to do! You’ll have chance to take part in so many activities, from climbing walls and abseiling to archery, fencing, building buggies and even body zorbing and many, many more. Your teacher will give you the list of activities that you’ll be doing but the most important thing is that you’ll be having loads of fun with your friends.

What evening activities are there?

After dinner get ready for yet more fun! From campfires, den survival and karaoke to team games, quizzes and even a disco, there’s plenty of evening fun too!

Who will I be doing the activities with?

You will be doing these in groups, there will generally be 12 of you in a group from your school. We will also try to get your teachers involved too, which is always fun!

For Teachers

When do I need to book?

The earlier that you book the better really, as peak dates do fill up over a year in advance. Booking early gives your school, you, pupils, and parents as much time as possible to allow for planning, covering timetables, arranging schedules, time for saving and all the usual preparations. You will also want to secure and guarantee your places and dates to avoid disappointment and to tie in with your school calendar. That said, if you need to book last minute, do give us a call as we can always turn things around quickly when needed.

Can learning outcomes be tailored for my group’s needs during the educational break?

Absolutely, we wouldn’t have it any other way! We will discuss your group’s specific needs and learning outcomes as part of the planning process of your school trip and make the necessary amends to the activities timetable. During your stay, our centre teams will review the learning outcomes with each group to gain feedback and clarify understanding.

Is it possible to visit before we travel?

Yes, we would encourage you to meet with us and see our educational breaks locations, the surroundings, accommodation and facilities as well as to quiz us on our operational practices and policies. These visits also provide you with a great opportunity to discuss any other query or special assistance areas that you may have with your trip. We will be happy to arrange a pre-trip inspection visit for you and a colleague, please get in touch with your Trip Coordinator.

What is included in the price?

The cost paid per child includes insurance, all daytime and evening activities as specified, meals and accommodation for children and adults attending within the free 1:10 ratio. We can also arrange to include travel to and from the centre or any off site excursions or additional excursions for you.

Can you cater for varying special dietary requirements?

Yes, we’re more than happy to cater for any special or religious dietary requirements, as long as we are advised at the time of booking or at least 14 days prior to your group travelling. For groups with specific dietary requirements a supplement in some cases may apply. Menus on sites varies from day to day and time of year, a sample menu is available should you require one. Please get in touch for more information.

Can I link my trip to the Education Curriculum?

Most definitely. Our activities are linked to the National Curriculum so each activity that we deliver has a detailed description with aims, learning outcomes and additional benefits and improvements that the student gains from taking part in that activity.

Are the staff DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked?

Yes, all staff are list 99 checked and cleared by the DBS at Enhanced Disclosure level.

What support will you provide me with in the lead-up to our school trip?

Our Trip Coordinators are with you every step of the way to assist you with your booking and will do their best to ensure your whole experience runs smoothly. Throughout the preparations our team will be happy to assist you with any queries that you may have and will be aiming to reduce your admin burden as much as possible. As we are used to working with schools, we know the challenges you face and are always happy to help.

Can you offer any help with organising and promoting my school trip?

Once you have made your no obligation provisional booking, we can send you a Party Leader’s booking and promotional pack which includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation which you can use for promotional purposes
  • Template letters for sending to parents

If you require any further information or support, we are always happy to help.

Will our school mix with other schools?

Our educational breaks will normally have more than one school trip group staying on site at any time. However, we will keep your school together within their assigned activity groups during the day. The only time where schools may meet is during free time periods and as part of some evening activities. We would never allocate children from different schools to share the same bedrooms.

Can you cater for children with special needs?

Our aim is to be fully inclusive in our approach and in allowing the involvement of all participants. We are able to support special needs of many participants as long as we are fully aware of them at the time of booking. We will be happy to provide additional support to those who may require it as long as we believe that it will prove to be a positive experience and that it has a positive outcome for the participant. In some cases it may well be that we are not equipped to support a specific requirement, if this is the case we will discuss this with you. Please do get in touch to discuss any specific needs that your group may have.

Are your centres secure?

Security is of paramount to importance to us. Security gates, patrols and systems are in place 24-hours per day. All staff and visitors wear name and identity badges when on site.

Will a fire drill be carried out?

Yes, a fire drill is carried out with all schools and visitors. All groups are shown where the emergency exits are and relevant assembly points for the duration of their stay.

Do they need to bring pocket money?

Children are welcome to bring pocket money with them. All of our centres provide gift shops that sell a varied range of goods from memorabilia, postcards and trinkets through to confectionary. We usually suggest a maximum of £20 for 5 days.

Do children need to bring any specialist equipment or clothing?

We would advise as an absolute must that all participants bring suitable clothing and footwear to be worn in wet weather. You can download our Kit List here, which has recommendations of what the children should bring with them. As you will see, we provide all specialist activity equipment.

What are your Booking Terms and Conditions?

You can view our Booking Terms and Conditions here.