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Benefits of School Residential Trips: Inspiration & Aspiration

What are the real benefits to your pupils when you take them on a school residential trip? Here at COGOTravel we’re exploring some of the top results from extensive industry research and reports undertaken and complied over the last decade.

This time we are focusing inspiration and aspiration as one of the benefits of school residential trips. Perhaps this benefit is not the most obvious, but as we have discovered, it is one that is highly prevalent and has wonderful merits for primary school pupils’ futures.

Inspiration & Aspiration

Research suggests that school residential trips have the profound ability to inspire pupils into having greater aspirations, hence broadening their horizons for the future. This is a highly creative aspect of education which can sometimes easily be disregarded in favour of hard-line learning outcomes. Yet, here at COGO Travel, with our carefully thought-out itinerary of activities, we are committed to working alongside schools to help inspire and evoke aspiration in pupils on our school residential trips.

“The habit of learning, an urge to find out more, is developed when we feel inspired”- Royal Geographical Society

Other educational research shows that high quality out-of-classroom learning can influence children’s behaviour and lifestyle choices. Beyond this, school residential trips can impact positively on attitudes, beliefs and self-perceptions.  These are of course all attributes that can alter a child’s, or any human’s for that matter, aspirations and goals for the future. A highly positive self-perception will enable children to prosper and go forward confidently in life with achievable goals. Ideally, this will result in more drive, vision and educational success.

Another common finding from many research papers is that outdoor adventure education can impact positively on young people’s confidence and self-efficacy. On the broad topic of self-efficacy, psychologists have demonstrated that self-efficacy can have an impact on everything including motivation. As we all know, if pupils can feel more motivated in a learning environment they are likely to find greater inspiration and be more aspirational which will of course enhance their education.

There is a beautiful world outside which can inspire and energise pupils to reach their potential through ways they may not have thought were previously possible. Isn’t priming children for a bright and successful future through aspiration one of the main goals of education? So, whilst school residential trips are not the total solution to this, they are wonderful start and a great contributing factor.

Inspiration and aspiration are just two of the many benefits that school residential trips can provide. Want to know more about the benefits of a residentials? Read more on independence and social interaction.