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WWII Belgium - Battle of the Bulge

Follow the story of the American forces role in wwii

Join us in Belgium as you follow the events of the American forces and the bitter fighting that took place In Belgium and the Ardennes region.  This was the last major German offensive of World War II known as the Battle of the Bulge.

Along the way your guide will be able to give you some fascinating insights into the stories of the men who fought on both sides, as well as learning about the series of Nazi atrocities that have been well documented. Included also will be a visit to the underground fortress of Eben Enamel in Belgium which was built after World War I as the first line of defence from the Germans, as well as the chance to visit some of the local Belgian towns and experience some of the local history and culture.


Sample itinerary

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
1 Travel to Dover for the ferry crossing to Calais Travel by coach to Belgium and visit to the Henri-Chappelle American Military Cemetery the largest in Europe, stretching over 57 acres, in this beautiful and peaceful location. Head to hotel for check in and your evening meal in Liege.
2 Head to Malmedy where you will visit the Bauguenez 44 Historical centre and museum and learn more about the Battle of the Bulge and the Malemdy massacre. This massacre is well known as the subject of a war crimes trial in 1946. Visit the memorial at Baugnez as bears the names of the murdered soldiers and is opposite to the museum. After lunch in La Gleize, visit the December44 Museum where one of the mighty King Tiger tanks is on display. Explore the local area and visit some of the memorials, or other sites of interest. Make your way back to your hotel in Liege for your evening meal.
3 To get an insight into the German losses in the Ardennes at the German cemetery in Recognise, before following the ‘Band of Brothers’ trail in the woods a Bois Jacques, looking at the foxholes, and the woods where the fighting took place, still preserved from the battle 75 years ago. Take some time to visit the Easy company memorial nearby. After having lunch in Bastogne, you will have the chance to visit the new 101st Airborne Museum. The museum will detail events of the battle and will be able to see, hear and feel a bombing experience in a hiding shelter. After a visit to this museum the coach will take you to Mardasson to see the American Memorial and take time to visit the newly re-opened Bastogne Historical Centre, full of equipment, tanks and memorabilia. The coach will then pick you up and drive back to your hotel for your evening meal.
4 Check out of the hotel before you then head to the pre-war fortress of Eben Enamel, for a guided tour of the underground complex and discover the unbelievable adventure of the first moments of WWII. Head back on the coach and head towards Calais for the Eurotunnel or ferry crossing as you head home.  

This area is rich in history  and there are other memorials, museums and cemeteries that maybe of interest to your school group and can be added.   Other activities or places of interest on tour that could be included are:

  • Dietrich Museum of Military History – Luxembourg
  • Battle of the Ardennes – La Roche – Belgium
  • General Patton memorial museum – Luxembourg
  • Wereth 11 memorial – Belgium
  • Siegfried line