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WWII The Netherlands " A Bridge Too Far"

Follow in the footsteps of operation market garden 

This tour will involve following in the footsteps of the Allied forces during Operation Market Garden the largest Airborne invasion ever launched and its subsequent failure to end the war by Christmas in 1944.

During your trip you will be able to attend some of the special anniversary events along the way, and enjoy the local history and culture of the towns you will visit in order to understand the importance the events of September 1944 still has to the local people as well


Sample itinerary

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
1 Travel to Dover for the ferry crossing to Calais Drive to Holland for your stay in the Eindhoven area. On route stop at the famous ‘Joes Bridge’ at Lommel and visit the Valkenswarrd cemetery. Head on to your hotel at Nijmegen for check in and your evening meal.
2 First visit is to the German cemetery at Ysselsteyn, and then head to the Overloon Musuem to view the large range of military vehicles and equipment and learn about Operation Market Garden, D – Day and the battle of Overloon. Drive along the Corridor (Hells Highway) visiting the various crossing places of the canal system and the Grave Bridge where US 82nd Airborne forces crossed the river Waal, learning about the successful capture of the bridge. Head to your hotel in Nijmegen, where you will have your evening meal
3 Your day starts with a visit to the Hartenstein Hotel, headquarters of the 1st Airborne Division during the Arnhem battle, Move on to visit the Oostebeek Airborne memorial, 7 cemetery a commonwealth grave site built by the locals after the war and contains the graves of those killed during the September landings and later fighting in the area. After lunch we will visit the Oosterbeek drop zones of Ginkel Heath, and around Wolfheze before heading on to the area around the bridge at Arnhem, to see the memorials around the town. head back to your hotel in Nijmegen where you will have free time to explore the town or take part in an evening activity.
4 Check out of the hotel and have your breakfast, before heading back to the coast. Head back on the coach and head towards Calais for the Eurotunnel or ferry crossing as you head home.  


There are lots of memorials in the area as well as other places of interest regarding Operation Market Garden

National Liberation Museum - Groesbeek - Located on the actual spot where paratroopers from the 82nd US Airborne division landed during World War II in operation Market Garden, this museum is dedicated to this period of the war and the operations that took place. Inside you will find exhibits on the exploits of the British, American, Canadian and Polish troops and come to understand what life was like in occupied Holland. – Also included are educational programmes for children/ schools


Grote Markt - Nijmegen - Central point of the city and the perfect location to explore the bars, restaurants cafes and local shops, as well as the impressive Stevenskerk (great church of St Stephen).

  • Evening Activity- Olround Bowling
  • Escape room – Xcape Logix