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Belgium - Euro Space Center

We'll take you to the stars On this trip and you'll feel like an astronaut at the euro space center in belgium!

If you're interested in taking to the stars and have always wanted to go to on a Space Adventure, then our trip to the Euro Space Center in Belgium is just for you and your students. Reopening in July 2020, it's been updated with lots of new, state of the art activities to take you to a new frontier! Ideal for science, STEM students and anyone with any interest for Space.

 New for 2020 at the Euro Space Center, Belgium:


- Free fall slide - Interactive displays - Moon walking
- Flight simulator - Multi-axis chair - Plus....lots more!


 Uncover another universe, experience weightlessness and understand what it feels like to be an astronaut!

Everything you need for this trip is onsite including spacious accommodation, restaurant and all activities. You can relive the Apollo 11 moon landings in 1969 at the Space Show in 5D, take a Moonwalk or a Mars Walk and discover the mysteries of the universe in the Planetarium. Head to the Euro Space Center to bring you one small step closer to Space.

Why not add on additional extra night in Brussels?

Sample itinerary

Day Day by day
1 Depart for your ferry to Calais. When you arrive in France, your coach will take you to the Euro Space Center near Redu - it's approximately a 4 hour journey. Arrive in at your accommodation in the Euro Space Center and settle in. Have your evening meal in the Space Resto onsite!
2 You'll start the day with your Space Briefing and Mission Simulation! After lunch, some more awesome space activities like build and launch your own rocket in the microrocket workshop or the history of space exploration!
3 Today, you'll try your hand at simulator training, go on a Moonwalk and spin in the multi-axis & rotating chair! After lunch, you'll go to the Zero-gravity wall where you'll feel what it's like to be weightless. You'll even simulate repairing a!
4 It's your last day, so on the way back to the ferry port of Calais you could stop off in little chocolate box small city of Bruges and pick up a souvenir or two!


Experience the Astronaut Camp at the Euro Space Center, Belgium